Software for creating books from WhatsApp chatlogs. 
“I stumbled upon your guide to printing WhatsApp books through a Hacker News mention, and just wanted to give you my heartfelt thanks for your work /…/ With some effort and modifications to the python code I was able to generate pdf of 6 months of conversation with my significant other, that ended up being 458 pages long /…/ As we are in a long distance relationship, and WhatsApp is our primary means of communication, it means a lot to us to be able to save these memories.”
— Bea Z


Bankdata is a tool for aggregate your personal banking data from a wide range of banks and financial institutions and feed that data into Microsoft Excel. Hopefully this will facilitate and encourage users to utilize a multitude of financial actors for savings, mortages, and transaction accounts. The long-term mission and raison d'être behind this is the exploration and creation of intelligent and independent personal finance tools to enable you and me to make use of modern financial tools. The guiding principle for achieveing this is the combination of smart software, open data, and a great community. Testing has been done with swedish banks, but Bankdata integrates with a third-party provider that provides data for many european countries.